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100% of the funds go to support Divine Soccer Ministries through Rock Kidz Uganda, Inc, a non-profit ministry of David and Marilee Bodendorfer in Salem, Ohio:  https://www.facebook.com/RockKidzUganda/

Divine Soccer Ministry is so very thankful for your generous support. Your monies offer so much hope for the children of Masaka, Uganda.  Through your support or sponsorship, children are being educated, and provided school supplies.  Additionally, the funds support the operation of Hope House, provide stipends for workers, feed the livestock, obtain supplies for the gardens and provide medical care for the children.  So you see why your support and sponsorship are so vital to the Ministry.  God is using this Ministry to touch and change many lives. 

While Marilee visited there, the children and staff kept telling her about the hope they now have for their futures and how thankful they are for the support and sponsors.  These children are the best.  Their smiles and laughter are a joy to Jesus.  "Suffer the little children to come unto me"  They are all hard working and do their part at the Hope House.  Each child, even the little ones, have jobs to do; such as cleaning, washing clothes, and caring for one another.  They are so proud of their safe home and the loving people who care for them.  They may not be rich with material goods, but they are happy.  Their backgrounds are varied and many have tough circumstances to overcome, but with God's help there is light for each one.

We covet your prayers for the Ministry.  We are in great need of more sponsors and support.  We have 21 children presently without sponsors.  Sponsorship provides school tuition, boarding and supplies for these children.  Please share with your family, friends and churches.  Lives are being changed, and young minds and hearts are developing for the Lord and Uganda.   

God bless you richly for your support. The gospel commands us to care for downtrodden. 

In service to the Lord, Jesus Christ,

David and Marilee Bodendorfer.

1814 E Third St.

Salem, OH 44460