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Fall Update

Greetings Donors,

The holidays are coming quickly.  We hope this finds you well and ready to enjoy this season, celebrating Thanksgiving and Christ's birth.

Unfortunate news!  Please pray for the unrest in Uganda.  Got word this morning that there have been several bombings in and around the Kampala area over the last few weeks.  Many have been injured and several killed.  As far as we know all of our people are safe at this time.  We do have several students at universities in Kampala.  Please for a hedge of protection to be around them.

We do thank you all for your faithful support in 2021.  We have been able to help many families this year and we praise God for blessing the ministries.  Times have been tough in the US and Uganda.  Loved ones were lost to Covid.  Food and other supplies have been in short supply.  Lockdowns were tough for all, but especially the children. Some have not attended school in a year and a half.  Yet God has cared and looked after all of us, supplying many blessings.  Donations did not drop off, in fact we have new donors and many have sent extra monies due to the needs.

At this time, schools will open in January and Divine is gearing up for that.  Please pray that we will not suffer any more closures, so that the kids may continue their education and plans for the future.  Divine was provided sufficient monies to purchase 2 used vans to transport kids for school.  We are so thankful to Connecting Life and Common Ground Community Church for supporting this project.  We pray the vans will get lots of use in 2022.  The vans are better suited to handle the rough terrain around Masaka.  Please pray for safety for all and that the vans will successfully meet the needs.

Christmas will be here very soon. If any of you wish to send money for Christmas gifts, please see that I receive your money before the end of November.  I will wire funds for support and gifts December 1, 2021. Thank you!  

We are planning a trip to Uganda in January 2022 and then again in July.  I really need someone to travel with me in January since we cannot get David's dialysis supplies into Uganda at this time.  Please pray about this situation.  Anyone interested in escaping the cold for a couple weeks?

The trip in July is open for those interested in serving in any way.  There are some teachers interested in going to do mentoring and team teaching.since school will be open. Please join us, there are always plenty of kids and families to help and encourage.

Thank you all for your love, prayers and donations to keep Divine Ministries growing.  

RKU channels money to Pius for his growing evangelism ministry.  None of the children's support money goes to his ministry.  We keep the monies given for evangelism, tracts and bibles separate from school monies.  

God blesses your faithfulness in support abundantly.  Thank you.


Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!!

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